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Words from Chairman

Words from Chairman
Words from Chairman


Dear Students & well-wishers!!!

Rising Star College of Management is a distinct higher learning institution, established with a vision to redefine the trend in management education in Nepal. Since the foundation of Rising Star College of Management –RSCOM in 2067, we have deeply committed ourselves to providing competitive and quality education along with moral and cultural values in this era of globalization. Even, we are continuously striving to extend the betterment of quality, competitive and practical education which helps students to create social solidarity and cohesion in the society. 

Providing quality education has always been our prime focus. In accordance to the rapid social, cultural, political changes and technological innovations in our Society, RSCOM also has been implementing latest trends and methodologies in its process of teaching and learning. However, RSCOM is an ultimate academic destination for pursuing an outstanding knowledge and experiences in the field of education.

It is my pleasure to update you with our institutional commitments and visions that are always on the way to betterment for academic field which tie-up us in a single line. Synonymously, RSCOM is an ideal and convenient education center for polishing and sharpening student into excellent personalities & professionals. Be the part of RSCOM family and enjoy its support and guidance.

Best wishes and heartily welcome!!  


Raju Kumar Rai, MPhil

Executive Chairman/CEO