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Message from the Director

Message from the Director
Message from the Director

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This is my great pleasure to write on behalf of Rising Star College of Management. Rising Star College of Management was established in 2067 BS with an immense dream of academic elevation and prosperity in academic field. Since its foundation, it has been continuously striving substantial contribution and exertions to education in Nepal.

Rising Star College of Management is known as a leading co-educational institution and center for excellence in Nepal due to a constellation of energetic, dedicated, visionaries and young intellectuals. Though, it has become able to step up into BBS (TU) level. I think, this is a great achievement and success of Rising Star. As a director of Rising Star, my happiness cannot be put into the words and expressed but should be felt. In this academic journey of Rising Star, I am very grateful to all the parents, students, well-wishers and especially young and energetic team for their incomparable contributions and continuous efforts to create this history in academic ambience in Nepal.   

Rising Star always believes in efforts to achieve success not only in the extension of institutions but also a quality education as well. We have been primarily committed to providing quality and competitive education by focusing on holistic development of students. We want that our students should be self-motivated, independent, confident and decision makers to take up a leadership role in future.


Thanking you.


Mrs. Gyanu Shrestha